Commercial kitchens must be cleaned regularly. Frequent cleaning of equipment, floors and ceilings, prolongs their useful life and helps to prevent food poisoning. Some cleaning jobs need to be done several times a day whilst a some such cleaning grease extract system only needs to be done every few months or so.

The list below suggests what you need to do to keep your commercial kitchen clean. Some jobs should be done many times a day while others need only to done every month or so.

To be cleaned during each shift

  • wipe down the hot line and prep areas
  • switch cutting boards
  • brush the grill
  • empty rubbish bins

To be cleaned after each shift

  • clean fryers
  • sweep and mop kitchen floors
  • wash all surfaces
  • wash meat and cheese slicer


  • clean coffee machine
  • sharpen knives
  • de-lime sinks and taps
  • clean ovens


  • clean freezers
  • wash walls and ceilings
  • wipe down dry storage area
  • restock first aid kit
  • wash down behind the hot line to cut down on grease build up which is a major fire hazard

 Every 3 months – yearly 

  • Deep clean kitchen
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Clean pilot lights on gas
  • Clean hoods and grease extract systems at least twice a year – frequency depends on usage.

We recommend that you use a commercial company such as Ingot  to clean your grease extract system and deep clean your kitchen as these are messy and time consuming jobs. Additionally insurance companies now insist that restaurant grease extract systems are cleaned by professional companies which have the necessary industry accreditations.